Make your Facebook profile photo an 8 bit version

Do you love the 8 bit video game graphics of the 80's? Have you ever wanted to draw your very own 8 bit character of you or a friend or just image that you can call your own. Well we have a game for you guys with which you'll be well on your way to your very own Facebook Profile photo in an 8 Bit version.

Here’s how you can you make 8 Bit profile photo -

1. Click the recommend button below.

2. Go to the 8 - Bit Your Profile Pic app on Facebook.

3. Then there select your - Skin Color, Hair Style, Hair Color, Facial Hair, Shirt, Shirt Color, Glasses, Jacket, Jacket Color, Accessories and then a suitable Background.

4. Once done with the above procedure, click save button. And then the photo that you have created automatically publishes on your wall. From where you can tag yourself and make it as your profile picture.

8 - Bit Your Profile Pic Facebook application is developed by Momentus Media, Inc. for Black Eye Peas Facebook Page promotional purpose.

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  1. luis mojica rhoads says:


  2. issa ramirez says:

    me gustaron los monitos

  3. Laura Baskill says:

    Cant Wait To Use This APP x

  4. Garang says:

    it would be awesome if my profile to be 8 bit version

  5. me says:

    its awesome and my profile is 8 bit version jajaja :P

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